New Release! Thirsty Boy

Thirsty Boy releases today on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

I know this story won’t be for everyone as the main kinks are heavy dominance/submission with watersports. The latter is a kink that I find fascinating but couldn’t really understand why it appealed to people. I tried to find erotica books with the kink included but they were all very emotionally spare–they only featured the act, but not why the characters found the act enjoyable and arousing. So I hit reddit and found some great personal accounts from people who enjoy the watersports kink that helped me see why it can hit so many hot buttons for some folks.

In Thirsty Boy, I wanted to explore this taboo kink that’s seen as almost the lowest of the low (there are some places I won’t go myself, dear reader!) and highlight why, for these characters, this kink is a hard yes.

I hope you’ll give Jay and Stag’s story a chance, even though their kinks might not be your kinks 🙂 Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite:

Jay’s had enough of temporary arrangements with temporary Doms. He thinks he’s found the community he’s been looking for with the Thunder Pigs MC—a gay BDSM motorcycle club with their own private dungeon. Only he’s not a brother, not one of their boys, and the club’s president is tired of Jay playing tourist. When given an ultimatum—get with a brother or get banned indefinitely—Jay must prove he’s the perfect sub for the Dom he’s admired from afar.

Stag isn’t ready to take on a sub after the lingering hurt of too many false starts. He’s been going solo for too long to let a thirsty twink be more than eye candy to him. But Jay’s a good guy who seems to really need the club in his life. And Stag isn’t about to let him walk out of the clubhouse, and out of his life, without trying to help. But the taboo nature of his kinks, his needs, might do more harm than good.

WARNING: This story contains Risk Aware Consensual Kink including dominance/submission play and watersports.